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  • rates from just 9.9%
  • strong lender relationships
  • access to a pool of lenders

Max Loans

With Max Loans you can get a loan even if your credit history is less than perfect. And you need not leave the comfort of your home to obtain the loan.

All you need to do is login to the Max Loans website and a few simple steps later, you will have completed the application process. We are brokers based in Auckland in contact with many different lenders serving New Zealand. This increases your chances of getting a loan that will help meet your obligations without conditions that are overly strenuous.

As brokers, we help you find the best solution to your problem without you having to shop around. We save you the trouble of looking through the products and terms of several lenders as we are in touch with many of them and can assess which will best serve your needs and circumstances. In other words, you get the best possible deal without doing the legwork. Going through a broker like us also enhances your chances of getting approval as we have access to a large pool of lenders.

We have a selection of fairly priced products that are tailored to suit different needs. These products are developed from a deep understanding of the challenges ordinary New Zealanders have to live with. We know how expensive life is and how unexpected emergencies can put additional strain on an already tight budget. With Max Loans you are sure of finding a loan that will comfortably fit your budget while helping you achieve your goals.

Below is a general list of the kinds of services we can help you get:


Mortgages: If you have identified a property you want to call home, you can come to us for help with financing. We will help you sift through the many home loan options available in the market and get the best deal. We will help you cover as much of the cost of the property as possible with budget-friendly repayments. Even if you are yet to set your sights on your ideal property, you can come to us to find out how much funding you can get based on your unique circumstances.

Car loans: Aspiring car owners can come to us for flexible terms for the financing of their dream car. With us you can have your repayments stretched out over five years to make them easier to bear. Interest rates you get with us will be hard to come by elsewhere and they will be fixed for you to better plan for repayments.

Secured loan: If you have an asset you can offer for security against your Max Loans and improve your chances of having your application approved even if you have a stain on your credit history. We accept security in the form of landed property or vehicles. Money you get as a personal loan can be used for anything; financing a dream honeymoon, sorting out a medical emergency or even buying a car. You can even take a loan to cater for more than one financial need.

Unsecured loan: Those who have no asset to offer as collateral need not feel left out. With no security, most lenders will be more strict with their terms for such loans. For instance, they will need assurance that you have a stable monthly income and interest rates may be a bit higher. However, we will help you get the best deal on you unsecured loan.

Top class service

We distinguish ourselves from other brokers in the New Zealand market not only by offering quick access to cash, but offering quality service along with it. We are always just a phone call or email away if you need any information or guidance regarding our products. Whether you want to know if you qualify for some kind of loan or if you have a question on the terms of the loan, our friendly advisors will be willing to assist you. Our promise is to listen carefully to each customer and understand their situation instead of imposing our terms on them. We treat everyone who approaches us like a person, and not a problem.

Even without speaking to our advisors you can be able to assess your ability to repay a loan by using our on-site calculator. It will help you make a decision based on how much funding you need as well as how much you can comfortably spend in monthly repayments. From there you can go right ahead and apply for a loan.