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Last Updated: 12 August 2019

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Auto Finance Direct Car Loans

Want to buy your dream car but have a poor credit history? Where should you go to get your dream car financed? Simple, you can go to Auto Finance Direct.


When it comes to buying a car, it is important that you have good financial support to pay for your car. But, if you don’t have money, lenders are the best way to go forward. Auto Finance Direct is one company that offers flexible vehicle finance that will match any budget.


Here are the products and services offered by Auto Finance Direct to their clients:

– Car loans

– Car financing (for maintenance and upkeep) – Case to case basis only.


Want to know more about Auto Finance Direct? Here are some of the things you need to learn about this company and why they are the perfect solution to your money needs:

Friendly Customer Service

Auto Finance Direct is a New Zealand owned business in Auckland that aims to help Kiwis buy cars quickly and easily. When people reach out to them, the company will handle all the paperwork for the buyer and secure the car in their behalf. They have been in the industry for years now and they have a wide roster nationwide of partners who can help buyers get the cars they want for a good price.

Each loan will be reviewed carefully by the finance officers to ensure borrowers won’t have problems paying the loans later on.

Each customer service agent of Auto Finance Direct is also trained to help any Kiwi to learn about the company’s services and help them get their dream car.

Auto Finance Direct is open everyday and can be reached through phone and e-mail for any inquiries.

Auto Finance Direct Loan Terms

Auto Finance Direct has flexible terms and conditions for their loan products and services. When they apply, borrowers can identify how much they wish to borrow and how long the loan terms should be. When the application is approved, the borrower will receive a clear loan contract that indicates the details of the loan terms and the loan fees.


Loan terms can range from a year to 4 years. They also have loans that can be paid within 36 months. Repayments can be done online or at any branch of BNZ bank. Direct debit is also applicable. Early repayments are allowed, but additional fees may be charged to the borrower.


Borrowers can avail themeselves of the the Lifestyle Waiver Repayment cover to protect their loans in case of repayment trouble. The waiver will provide the borrower with all possible options to help them pay their loans.

Swift Application and Approval

To apply for Auto Finance Direct’s loans, they can apply either online or through any of their partner outlets. You can also reach them through their hotline to apply for a loan. If one applies online, borrowers can indicate how much they wish to borrow and how long the loan should be. They will also be asked to fill up an application form which they can complete within 20 minutes. The company may contact the borrower for additional details.


When the company receives the application form, a decision on the loan application will be released within 24 hours. Once it is approved, they will contact the dealer directly to work on getting the vehicle for you.


Approved borrowers can borrow from $8000 to $15,000 depending on their credit rating and capability. The interest rate for Auto Finance Direct starts from 9.95% to 17.95% and it is fixed throughout the loan tenure.


Existing clients who wish to get another car can reapply again with Auto Finance Direct. The company will review the borrower’s credit history and repayment history to determine if they can be given a new loan.


If you wish to apply for vehicle financing from Auto Finance Direct, you must be 18 years old or older. You must be a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident. You must also be employed full-time and have a stable income. The company also requires borrowers to submit their recent bank statement, utility bill, payslips and IDs before they can apply. The details of the vehicle must also be submitted.


Borrowers with poor or bad credit can still apply. The company will use several criteria to assess if the borrower can pay their loans. If they are not approved, the company will explain the reasons why it is not approved and what they can do to improve their loan applications.

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Don’t just watch others drive your dream car when you can get one yourself. Get the right financing and fulfill your dreams with Auto Finance Direct. Contact them today and find out how you can fulfill your motoring dreams a reality.