Kiwi Car Loans

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2020 @ 11:53 am

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Kiwi Car Loans - 60 sec Quote

If you are a New Zealand resident looking for a car loan with flexible repayment options, Kiwi Car Loans is a good place to start. They are a leading car finance broker who can help you get the best deal on both the car and the loan. Working with some of the country’s most renowned lenders, they help New Zealanders get access to affordable car loans. They handle most of the nitty-gritty in the application, making the process faster and smoother for you. Online application for car financing with Kiwi is quick and stress free. In just a minute they can get you a quote for whichever car make you desire.

In addition to helping you secure a good deal on your purchase, they give you important tips that can save you money in the process.


  • 60s pre-approval
  • apply in less than 3 min
  • deferred ayment options on all loan plans

Their loans are not strictly for buying cars; you can use their facilities to get a caravan, boar or even motorbike. They even offer Kiwis truck and equipment loans.

Products offered

  • Business finance
  • Secured car loans
  • Unsecured personal car loans
  • Private sale car loans
  • Self-employed loan
  • Bike loans
  • Boat loans
  • Truck loans
  • Equipment loans

What you need to have

Applicants must be above the age of 18 and own a valid driving license. You also need to have a good credit history.

For smooth repayment of the loan, most of the lenders KCL partners with will require the setting up of a direct debit order on the borrower’s account.

Advantages of a Kiwi Car Loan

  • You get the money almost as soon as you need it. Visit the Kiwi Car Loans website and request for a quote for the exact make and model of car you want. You can then give them a call to discuss the finer details of your car loan. If you would like the process to be even quicker you can submit your application online as the website also provides that option. After supplying some personal background information and something on your financials, you will get a response on whether your request has been approved.
  • Their partnership with an extensive network of dealers and insurers means that you get the best deal if you go with them. It will save you a lot of time that would have been spent making individual inquiries at all these different dealers. This also means you have a wider base of options to choose from.
  • You will have a good idea as to how much the car loan will cost you before you submit your application.
  • You will enjoy personalised customer service every step of the way and not have to deal with jammed customer service phone lines. Whenever you have a question or problem, you can talk to your dedicated agent. The website has a host of testimonials from past clients who laud the quality of service given by their allocated agents.

Besides various types of unsecured loans, Kiwi Car Loans also offers secured loans. If you would like to invest in new machinery for your business but don’t have the capital, you can take their equipment loan. Those with collateral can also

Car insurance

After helping you secure the car of your choice, KCL can help you get it insured against any eventuality that might happen on the road. They offer comprehensive car insurance to help you recover from accidents you or other motorists may cause. They also offer extended vehicle warranty to help you cater for mechanical and electrical repairs to the car.

What happens if you suddenly are unable to continue working and, by extension, servicing your car loan? You can prepare for such an eventuality by taking KCL’s loan protection insurance. So even if you are rendered redundant by your employer, you don’t need to worry as KCL will meet your repayment obligations on your behalf.

Personal loans

Even if you are not looking to purchase a vehicle, Kiwi Car Loans can still provide you with finances. You could be hoping to complete house renovations or planning a honeymoon in an exotic location, or looking for funds to offset a substantial medical bill. A KCL personal loan can help you meet these obligations and you can apply for it online, like you would a car loan.

You can opt for a secured personal loan if you have available collateral and are hoping to obtain a lower interest rate and lower repayments. Even if your credit history is not squeaky clean, you can still apply for, and get, a personal loan, provided you meet certain conditions.