GE Money Credit Card

Last Updated: Mar 6, 2020 @ 9:19 am

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GE Money Credit Cards & Loans

 With a client base of more than half a million and assets worth over NZ$1.4bn, GE Money is one of New Zealand’s more established finance companies. Our range of products includes retail finance, personal loans and a variety of insurance policies. You may have heard of GE, the global electronics giant but not the financial services provider. GE Capital is the financial arm of GE; one of the four branches of GE. GE Money falls under GE Capital.

Unlike other big banks, GE Money offers customers highly personalised service. We take into account your needs and unique financial situation to come up with an offer that will allow you to meet the need through manageable repayments.

GE Money credit card

If you would like to give yourself extra peace of mind as regards your monthly household expenditure, a GE Money credit card would be a great idea. This product can also be a lifesaver when you find yourself in an emergency that requires urgent cash.

There are some extra perks with the GE Money credit card; you get an interest-free six months if you’re buying something worth more than $250. If the value is less than $250 you get an interest-free 55 days. With a GE CreditLine card you get an additional 60 days free for purchases exceeding $100. GE Money also offers insurance to go with their credit cards.

NZ residents can look forward to another option when it comes to credit cards. This is a reflection of how well GE Money has studied the market and understood their needs. Getting a GE Money credit card is easy; you can begin the process by submitting an online application.

Tailor-made products

GE Money prides itself in offering people a wide array of loan products and credit cards to match their needs and lifestyle. Our staff has several years of combined experience in the financial services sector. We therefore have a good idea of how to help clients meet their various obligations while remaining afloat financially. This experience is what helps us offer clients that are uniquely suited to them. Small wonder when anyone joins the GE Money family, they never want to leave. We have become a dependable long-term financial partner for many individuals across the country.

Keeping our word

We always deliver on our promises to our customers thanks to the vast experience and expertise we have developed over time. Among our staff are several financial experts with years of solid experience in all facets of the industry. Our strong association also gives us the capacity to give our customers value for their money, ensuring their accounts, assets and liabilities are well maintained.

The financial benefit and peace of mind that comes with a sizeable and reputable institution like GE handling your money is invaluable. The transparency with which we deal with our clients from start to finish further puts their minds at ease. From the moment you first call us to inquire about our products and services to the time you are done with repayments, you will have unfiltered access to information relating to your account. Our expert advisors will always be on hand to offer guidance with everything from application to accessing your finances. 

Cash whenever you need it

Say goodbye to the days of sitting helplessly or draining your savings whenever emergencies crop up or juicy opportunities come knocking. Choose from our range of Visa credit cards and you will have ready cashto take advantage of such opportunities or deal with unforeseen emergencies. And the beauty is that interest rates can fall as far down as 3%. If you need help in understanding the features and requirements of the different types of cards we have, simply call or email us. You can also visit our offices in Auckland whenever you are close by.

When you have a medical emergency that is not covered by your insurance policy or need to make home repairs that are beyond your monthly budget, GE Money can help cover that gap.


Your loan will have to be secured by title deed. This means you will have to provide the bank with a copy or an original title deed or the logbook. Be careful to ensure you have a strategy in place to be sure you make the repayments before you get the card. This is especially important if you will be providing an asset as security which is lower than the amount of the loan.