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Last Updated: Mar 6, 2020 @ 9:34 am

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Resimac NZ

Hoping to buy your dream home but have no funds to purchase it? Do you need someone who can help you out with a home loan and help you buy that dream house? Worry not, Resimac NZ has you covered.

Home loans are sometimes very hard to obtain through banks because of the interest rates and repayment terms it has. To get past this problem, going to financial companies and lenders is the way to go. But, if you are looking for a company you can trust to get your dream home, RESIMAC NZ may be able to help thanks to its affordable home loan offerings.

Here are the products and services offered by Resimac NZ to its clients:

Home loans

– Low Doc Loan for self-employed workers

– Now Resident Loan for expats who wish to invest on a property in New Zealand

Debt consolidation

Want to know more about Resimac NZ? Here are some of the things you need to learn about this company and why they are the perfect solution to your money needs:

Excellent Customer Service

RESIMAC NZ has been in the industry since 1985 and have served thousands of borrowers looking for affordable home loans. They promise to help anyone who needs affordable loans which they can repay based on their budget. They are also considered the best in the industry when it comes to affordable home loans.

Every loan application the company receives will be reviewed thoroughly so the staff know how to help each borrower with their loans. The staff will also conduct any business with their borrowers in an ethical and responsible manner.

Customers even get access to Resimac NZ’s exclusive Customer Benefits Program when they avail one of the home loans the company offers. Under this program, the customers and their families can get discounts from various products and services the company is affiliated with.

Flexible Terms and Conditions

Thanks to their 25-year history, Resimac NZ’s financial products are all flexible. When they get an applicant, they will ensure that the loan they get matches their budget and even assist in evaluating how much is needed for a home. Once all the documents is reviewed, the borrower will receive their loan contract that matches their requirements.

Resimac NZ’s standard loans have either a variable of fixed interest rate and no outgoing fees. As a result, self-employed borrowers can borrow from the company without any problems. For the repayments, borrowers can get the interest-only repayment structure or get it paid through line of credit. Early repayments are allowed and have no penalty fees.

For those who will find themselves in financial hardship or missed any repayments, Resimac NZ is ready to assist. you can reach out to their hardship team and apply for the Hardship Assistance program. Once the situation is assessed, Resimac NZ’s staff will see how they can assist and adjust the loan.

Swift Application and Approval

Applying for Resimac NZ’s loans is very simple. Interested borrowers simply have to apply by calling their hotline or online through their website. They just need to fill in a few details, or allow the company to see which financial service is the one they need. The company may request additional documents for verification.

When the company receives the application, they will review the application and decide within 24 hours. Once it is approved, the company will sort out everything for you to get the house you want.

Existing clients who have managed to finish off their home loans can reapply again with Resimac NZ. Simply make sure that all your existing details are updated, your repayment history is good and your credit history is stable.


For those interested in availing a home loan from Resimac NZ, they must be 18 years old and up. They must be a New Zealand/Australian citizen, permanent resident or a work-visa holder. They must also have a stable salary income, whether employed or self-employed. Borrowers must also submit their bank statement, IDs, and other details to apply for a home loan.

Borrowers with poor or bad credit can still be considered by Resimac NZ for their home loans. The company will review the borrower’s details to determine if they will be able to pay off the loans or not. In case the borrower’s application is denied, the financial experts of the company can recommend how borrowers will be able to borrow when their situation has improved.

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Buying a house should not be difficult, even if you have to get a loan to finance it. With Resimac NZ, you can get your dream house and pay off the loans you used without worries.

Call their experts today and find out how they can help you live in your dream home today.