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Last updated: July 2022

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Best Personal Loans in New Zealand

For those in New Zealand seeking cash loans, it is likely that they will be presented with some sort of personal loan.

Personal loans group together a myriad of financial instruments, which find practical use in a wide ranging number of ways, such as bill payments and big ticket item purchases.

Should you find yourself with less than the desirable amount of money towards the end of the month for your groceries, paying off long standing bills, rewarding yourself with a long overdue holiday, making critical repairs to your home, investing in your own happiness with a wedding dress or financing a new car – your goals are achievable or getting over the hump of a skint period is possible through the employment of a personal loan.

Personal loans can vary in sum from several dollars in the form of a payday loan or several hundreds of thousands for a car loan. Loans24’s main focus is to aid in your search for the right loan vendor and the right loan for you, keeping your credit status in mind. is in the business of bringing together loaners and ‘loanees’ in a mutually beneficial way, taking into account the financial requirements of the ‘loanee’ with the ability of the loaner to provide. Below is a grid table that shows a host of personal loan vendors. Click on a lender to find out more about their provisions, which will greatly help in deciding what loan attributes are best suited to your circumstances.

Acquiring personal loans in New Zealand

Online lenders are the easiest and quickest personal loan vendors. Most online loan vendors offer the quickest loan approvals, while not being different from those offered by traditional, storefront loan providers. As a matter of fact, quite a number of current online loan providers began as brick and mortar lenders and were compelled to move their businesses online due to the stiff competition offered by their online counterparts. This led to convenient and faster service provision, while maintaining competitiveness.

Through the user friendliness of this website, you will be provided with thoroughly sourced and accurate information on the top lenders in New Zealand, along with their loan portfolios. Also included is information on their terms and conditions, fees and interest rates. The listed online loan providers are duly registered with the appropriate financial regulators, and as such can be fully trusted. A lender who is compliant simply means that they work under rules and regulations administered and enforced by the New Zealand financial regulators.

Qualifying for a loan

Registered loan providers a required by law to extend personal credit facilities only to those with the disposable income to reimburse them. For an applicant’s suitability to be determined, a provider assesses an applicant’s disposable, net and gross income.

Those earning high salaries while repaying several ongoing loans have lower chances of loan approval, thus necessitating a wider look into one’s financial health.

Every lender, individually, sets their personal loan income requirements, although, the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act of 2003 does not regulate these requirements, with the responsibility of loan affordability being borne by the borrower.

A credit check as well as an income assessment will be performed by the loan provider, when a person applies for a loan. Those with high credit scores have the most likelihood of being approved for a loan. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of clean credit records, as they reward those who repay their loans responsibly.

Acquiring an Online Loan

The typical online personal loan process begins by submitting after filling an online loan application form, as it appears and formatted on whichever particular lender’s website. The personal data collected will then be used to calculate your loan worthiness.

Usually, for one to qualify for a personal loan, assurances will need to be made to the lender about several benchmarks; not undergoing financial distress, not bankrupt, not carrying excessive debt, older than 18 years old, a resident of New Zealand and earn a steady income.

Following the filling in and signing of all the required documentation, you can either scan and email or fax them to the lender. Should you qualify for either a personal or short term loan, you will be notified by way of several documents including a loan agreement being sent to you.

A signed and submitted loan agreement will credit you the loan, through a wire transfer to your bank account after receipt of the documents by the lender, although the funds being accessible to you will depend on your bank account, the size of the loan and your lender.

Finding the Best Personal Loan for You

Important attributes of a when looking for a lender aped and easy access, although careful inspection of all a lender’s features in their ability to match your repayment ability and needs is also important. Interest rates are a key feature to keep an eye on, as shorter term loans carry a higher interest than longer term loans.

The borrowing cost is added to through fees, as some loans do not include the Annual Percentage Rate, or APR. Your ability to repay a loan therefore will hinge on the loan’s total costs, including fees and interest.

Consumer rights when taking out loans in New Zealand are protected the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act of 2003. This act regulates loan provider methods by which they set their interest rates, but does not set the rates themselves. Lenders are therefore required by this Act to notify all borrowers, clearly and fully, of the terms and conditions of their loan products.

Loan Repayment

Create a monthly budget that takes into account your expenses and income, including your loan repayments as an expense. Limit overspending, particularly on non-essential items but instead save an emergency kitty that can take you through six months or more should you not be receiving your normal income.

Personal Loan Options and Types

In New Zealand, personal loans are of two types, typically depending on terms. The differing terms correspond to their different repayment structures and loan amounts. These two kinds of loans are described below:

Short to Mid-Term Loans

The terms of these loans is anywhere between a month and a decade. Auto loans, payday loans and quick cash credit are all part of this loan type. Loans of this type also include overdrafts and credit cards, although they aren’t loans per se but credit lines.

Typically, with a short to mid-term loan, you can borrow sums of between NZ$100 to NZ$30,000, with the ability to take out more, should you desire. Your loan repayment ability and your income are the determinants to you receiving this type of loan. Requiring no security, short to mid-term loans attract higher interest rates to hedge against the lender’s higher risk.

Interest rate hikes can also be seen where riskier borrowers are involved, as credit record scores are analyzed by the lender when deciding on whether to grant a borrower a loan.

Long Term Loans

The terms of repayment on long term loans exceeds 10 years. These loans usually represent larger amounts. An asset, commonly the borrower’s home, secure these types of loans. These loans typically include debt consolidation loans, home equity loans and home loans.

In general, unsecured individual loans help in situations where emergency cash is needed, as well financing projects and purchases. They are easily accessible to those with great credit history and higher disposable income. When compared to secured loans, unsecured private loans carry a higher interest percentage burden and it is not advisable to use the former to pay off the latter.

Secured loans can both be short termed or longer termed, but tend to be for larger amounts for longer terms. For those with issues of debt repayment, personal loans are not the tools to tackle them. Debt consolidation and debt counselling are better options for debt recovery.

For best results, engage the services of a reliable, responsible and reputable lenders who lay out all aspects of loan taking and repayment, in order to avoid financial hassles and pitfalls. Loans, are by their definition, personal or private, and should be customized, flexible loans that fit neatly into your needs, budget and life!

Due to their personal nature, personal loans can be used for many things, such as school fees, almost due credit card bills, home repairs, home furnishing costs, moving costs, car repair costs, weekend getaways and holidays, buying a new car, medical bills, amongst many more.

A personal loan that is affordable to you is always at the right price. A responsible lender will always refer to your situation in order to offer you the best loan for your needs – along with interest rates that are competitive.

Chargeable fees and interest rates depend the applicant’s type of loan, although every type of loan carries broadly similar costs. Your options of personal loans will require you to understand these costs and how they are administered.

You can improve your chances of loan approval by setting realistic saving goals, maintaining good credit status, maintaining a healthy banking history and by establishing a borrowing capacity.