Seedcash Quick Cash Loans

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2020 @ 5:11 pm

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Seed Cash

You can get an affordable cash loan of up to $1,500 to help you out of an unexpected crisis, or even treat yourself, thanks to Seed Cash. This is a reliable lender with a solid track record fully owned and run by New Zealanders. Their products and services are therefore tailored to suit the needs of Kiwis of all walks of life and their terms of repayment are flexible enough to accommodate different situations.

Seed Cash conduct their operations in a transparent way so you know from the outset what the loan will cost you in terms of fees and interest rates.


  • Super Fast Cash Loans
  • No paperwork, no fax and no scan required
  • Bad Credit Welcome

Why Seed Cash?

Convenience: You can apply for a loan from virtually anywhere as long as you have a good Internet connection. If you are not near a computer, you can download the Seed Cash app and begin the process from your smartphone or tablet. The app is available to both Android and iPhone users. If you submit your application through this channel, you will get your feedback through the app as well.

Even more conveniently, you can apply for a loan by simply sending them a text message if you are a repeat customer. Note that you have to clear any existing loan before you can apply for a new one. You can also use the app to reapply for a loan once you have cleared your existing one.

If you would prefer a bit more of a human touch, you can apply for a loan simply by calling the toll-free Seed Cash line. However, this option is only available to returning customers who have already taken loans with Seed Cash.

Affordability: Seed Cash prides itself in offering borrowers some of the best interest rates in the market. They charge just 0.82% as interest per day on their loans, which can be anywhere between $100 and $1,500.

Speed: Using their website, mobile application or telephone, you can complete your Seed Cash loan application in a matter of minutes. After you get an approval you will have the cash in your account within 10 minutes.

Ease of repayments: Once the repayment amount has been agreed, Seed Cash will set up an automatic debit order on your account. At a given date of the month or week, the money will be debited from your account. This saves you the prospect of penalties for missed repayments. If you get the funds, you can clear your loan early without fearing any penalties other lenders would charge.

Transparency: All the fees and rates you will be charged for the processing and duration of your loan will be made known upfront. No need to fear nasty surprises further down the road. If you have any questions concerning your loan, you can simply call Seed Cash and talk to their friendly agents. They will be happy to make everything clear.

What do you need to get a Seed Cash loan?

Here are some conditions you need to fulfil to be eligible for a Seed Cash facility:

  • Be a New Zealand or Australia citizen above the age of 18. You can also qualify if you are foreigner with a valid work permit.
  • Be a full-time employee or a part-timer with a minimum three-month contract.
  • Have a net income of at least 300 New Zealand dollars weekly.
  • Have a working email address and mobile contacts you can be reached on
  • Provide proof of your current physical address.
  • Have Internet banking, especially if you need a loan of more than $1,500.