• providing emergency cash since the 80's
  • borrow between $50 and $1000
  • bad credit welcome

Cash Converters offers you a quick, convenient way of getting quality second-hand products. It is a highly reputable global enterprise based in Perth, Australia. Over the past 34 years, Cash Converters has been offering individuals all over the country and across the world pawn brokerage services as well as short-term loans. We have won the trust and confidence of New Zealand since we began operations here in 1993.

Since then we have opened 14 outlets across the country staffed by 150 devoted professionals. It is a reputable firm that is listed in the Australian StockExchange. Our customers have given us positive reviews for the speed and quality of our services, recommending us severally to their acquaintances.


At Cash Converters we offer three main services: instant cash loans, short-term loans and payday loans. In addition to this we have a pawn broking service that allows people to access funds if they have assets that can be used as collateral.

Quick access to cash

We aim to ensure that our customers are able to get the funds they need for whatever kind of need they have quickly. For this reason we strive to ensure the time between application and receipt of cash is minimal. Our approval and disbursement process is quick and we work with even applicants with a poor credit history. Within 24 hours of submitting your application at our store, you will have the cash you need.

However, we conduct thorough analysis to ensure all borrowers are able to meet their repayment obligations. We offer New Zealanders credit of between $50 and $1,000 to help them meet urgent needs before their next paycheck. 

Cash Converters, a global force

Our pawn brokering service was a first of its kind when we introduced it, allowing owners of quality second-hand goods to use them to access credit. This is what was Cash Converters’ key selling point to Australians and from this we were able to open over 100 stores across the country. Thousands of customers have come to us in search of quick loans and have been able to get them thanks to our short, uncomplicated application and approval system. Cash Converters has spread its wings way beyond Antipodean borders since its humble beginnings, opening more than 700 franchise stores across the globe. Our deep understanding of our customers’ needs has been a key ingredient of our success in all these countries.

Loans for immediate needs

The maximum we lend is $1,000 because we aim to keep the amounts small and easy to repay. Even if your credit history is not spotless, we are flexible enough and still provide you with finances subject to a few conditions. You can therefore get the cash you need as fast as you need it without having to go through the long process mainstream financial institutions impose on borrowers. If you visit any of our branches today, you can have the cash you need by tomorrow. Our loan processing system is designed to minimise waiting time and help you access funds in a timely way.

The beauty with Cash Converters is the flexibility they offer customers with regards to repayment. You don’t have to worry about huge repayments that will leave you barely surviving every month.

Credit history

Some borrowers may be apprehensive about taking on credit as they fear disqualification because of a tainted credit history. At Cash Converters we welcome even those with a poor credit history. Yes, we will do a credit check, but we will not hold a poor credit rating against you.

Provided you fulfill our (quite lenient) requirements and we establish you have the ability to repay, we will advance you the sum you require. This is why thousands of customers in Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world have made us their first resort whenever they need quick cash.

Cash against assets

You may behaving an urgent need for cash over the short term but not know how to obtain it despite having a number of assets. You are then the perfect candidate for our pawn brokering service. Here we use the asset you have as collateral. We could also give you a fair price for the asset if you are willing to sell.

In fact, Cash Converters originally started out in the 80s as a retail store chain for second-hand goods.