• first loan is FREE
  • up to $500 for new customers
  • secured or unsecured loans

If you are looking for a transparent, understanding partner to help you out financially when your back is against the wall, try out Super Loans. We are a flexible lender who will offer you a loan of between $100 and $10,000 to sort out your immediate need.

Flexible terms

Our flexibility allows us to lend to those with security and those without. We can lend to those with a poor credit history and those with a clean bill of health. You also get to choose your repayment period based on your income flows and your unique circumstances. Repayments can range between a week and six months Whether you need a car, money for your dream holiday or to pay for your studies, we can help you access the cash quickly and affordably. When we say quickly, we mean it; in just 20 minutes you can complete your application.

Loan application options

Super Loans gives residents of New Zealand three options when it comes to applying for short-term loans. If you are close by you can visit our branch and talk to our representatives. You have the option of applying by phone or online if you are not near a branch.

Super Loans differentiates itself from the competition by offering potential borrowers juicy incentives. For instance, you can get your first loan with them completely interest free if you have a good credit rating. Customers also earn points for making their repayments on time or when they redeem pawn loans.

What you need

The list of requirements you need to be prepared with if you wish to borrow depends on the kind of loan you’re taking. If you need a free or express loan, you need the following:

  • Two

Universally accessible loans

Our loans are available to Kiwis of all walks, provided we can establish your ability to repay. Even if you have no job or are self-employed, you can enjoy our services. Poor credit history will not prevent us from lending you money, as long as you meet our conditions.

If you are employed and earn more than $300 per month, you can get an unsecured loan of up to $5,000 with us. Titled ‘Express loans’, this kind of loan can help you cater for that surgery procedure not covered by your medical scheme or get a basic car to ease your daily commute. You can repay the amount in easy instalments over up to six months. If you have urgent need for funding you can login to our website now and be done with application in less than half an hour.

Transparent lending

You can rest easy when you come to us for a cash injection as you will now from the outset what your loan will entail. Our loan calculators will help you gauge how much you will be expected to pay every month for the kind of loan you wish to take.